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Saturday, June 12, 2021
Wentworth Junction Rally 2020

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Natural Attractions
Big Brekkie by the Volunteers, Australian Inland Botanic Gardens, 1183 River Road, Mourquong

Held on the 4th Saturday of the Month : 8.30am – 12noon What better way to start your week-end than relaxing with a delicious cooked gourmet Brekkie in the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens.  Come and taste the wonderful food and enjoy … More >

Canoe Tree, Wentworth

The first methods of river transport To make a canoe, the aborigines would first make an outline of the shape they required with cutting stones or stone tools. Once the shape was mastered, they cut deeply into the tree to … More >

Wentworth Canoe Tree
Darling and Murray River Junction and Viewing Tower, Wentworth

The junction of Australia’s two longest rivers, the Murray and the Darling Climb the viewing tower and see the confluence of the Murray and Darling Rivers, which, combined, is the fourth largest river system in the world. When the Darling … More >

Murray Darling Junction
Great Murray Darling Junction Interpretative Facility Inc,

Great Murray Darling Junction Interpretative Facility Inc (No 1600603) ABN 54 612 308 044 **This Incorporated Group, formed with support and approval of Wentworth Shire Council is advocating for the staged reinvigoration and suitable development of the Junction island Reserve … More >

Junction Island Nature Reserve, Canoe Tree and Walking Track, Wentworth

The shoal of land between the Darling and Murray Rivers Junction Island is the shoal of land between the Darling and Murray Rivers. The junction sandbar is where a large number of aborigines, armed with spears and weapons, threatened Captain … More >

Junction Island
Lake Victoria, Lake Victoria

Fascinating Aboriginal and Military History Lake Victoria is a fascinating place that embodies both Aboriginal and military history in addition to being a major water source for people in New South Wales, Victoria and other major towns and cities throughout … More >

Mungo National Park and the Walls of China, Mungo

World Heritage area and ancient history up to 40,000 years old The landscape of Australia is ever changing and with Mungo National Park, those changes can be dated as far back as 32 million years ago. It was around this … More >

Perry Sandhills, Wentworth

Used as a backdrop in many films and TV shows According to geologists, the Perry Sandhills originated after an ice age (40,000 years ago) and are formed by wind erosion over thousands of years. The dunes are located just outside … More >

Perry Sandhills - Photo: Pieces of Victoria
Rufus River, near Lake Victoria

Flowing from Lake Victoria to the Murray River It was Charles Sturt who named the Rufus River, apparently in honour of his ‘friend McLeahy’s red head’. He was also the first white man to encounter the Aborigines of the area, … More >

Rufus River regulator
Thegoa Lagoon and Reserve, Wentworth

Diverse example of a natural lagoon environment and floodplain The lagoon area contains numerous archaeological sites displaying evidence of past Aboriginal habitation. During and following floods the lagoon would have provided the Aborigines with an abundant supply of water, animal … More >

Thegoa Lagoon - Discover Murray River
What's On
Saturday, June 12, 2021
Wentworth Junction Rally 2020

Wentworth Weather
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