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Wentworth Junction Rally 2020

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Mallee Highway

The Mallee Highway is the shortest route from Adelaide to Sydney, Canberra and the Snowfields. In this land of sunshine, big skies and rich character, you’ll discover a whole new world. It’s not a world you can experience just driving through; it’s a world you need to stop, look at and consider. Don’t assume there’s nothing to see or do. Like many things in life, the Mallee’s beauty is in the detail.

Not far from Wentworth is the Murray Sunset National Park which is one of Victoria’s largest national parks. The Mallee Highway is the southern boundary of the Murray Sunset National Park which joins with the Murray River and South Australian border to the west.

In this seemingly vast landscape, the Mallee’s richness is in the smallest detail, like unique wildflowers and the rare and shy malleefowl, the passionate and welcoming communities and determined Mallee heritage. The Mallee seems to have the fluffiest clouds and on a clear night there’s a trillion stars sprinkled across the sky. This is a very proud community and region to explore… there’s nothing like the Mallee anywhere else in the world!

Visit www.MalleeHighway.com.au for more information >

Wentworth Junction Rally 2020

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