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Saturday, June 12, 2021
Wentworth Junction Rally 2020

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History & Heritage

Here’s a range of local businesses that have history and heritage experiences


Captain John Egge Statue, Wentworth

Captain John Egge, pioneer of the Port of Wentworth John Egge was born in Shanghai China in 1830. As a young man he worked a sampan on the Yangtze River. At 16 he sailed to Australia as cabin boy with … More >

Captain John Egge Statue
Ferguson Tractor Monument, Wentworth

World’s First Monument to a Tractor….. The first tractor monument in the world was established by the people of Wentworth in honour of the TEA20 Harry Ferguson tractors’ part in the building of the massive levee banks that protected Wentworth … More >

Ferguson Tractor Monument
Former Customs Officers Residence, Wentworth

Integral part of the busy Port of Wentworth The Customs Office was constructed in c1884, replacing the 1st Customs building (constructed in c1864 and situated on the west side of the Darling River, near the bridge). This building remained an … More >

Former Customs Officers Residence
Lake Victoria, Lake Victoria

Fascinating Aboriginal and Military History Lake Victoria is a fascinating place that embodies both Aboriginal and military history in addition to being a major water source for people in New South Wales, Victoria and other major towns and cities throughout … More >

Lock 10 & Weir, Wentworth

Built in 1929, Lock 10 plays an important role in the Murray-Darling water system. The weir and lock were completed in 1929. The purpose of the weir is both to maintain a high level of water for irrigation in times … More >

Lock 10 and the Weir Wentworth
Mungo National Park and the Walls of China, Mungo

World Heritage area and ancient history up to 40,000 years old The landscape of Australia is ever changing and with Mungo National Park, those changes can be dated as far back as 32 million years ago. It was around this … More >

Pooncarie, Pooncarie

Outback oasis on the Darling River Situated 150 kilometres north of Mildura, Victoria and 117 kilomtres north of Wentworth, NSW along the Darling River. Pooncarie is an outback oasis along the route from Wentworth to Menindee and Broken Hill. Pooncarie … More >

Pooncarie on the Darling River
Possum Statue, Wentworth

A life size statue of a man known as “The Possum” A life size statue of a man known as “The Possum”, who when disgruntled by life during the “Great Depression” took to living off the land in and around … More >

Possum Statue
Rendelsham (known as the Nunnery), Wentworth

Original home of Wentworth’s first Mayor, William Gunn The first house to be called Rendelsham, was built by William Gunn (first Mayor of Wentworth). He lived there until he built the second residence in the centre of the town – … More >

Rendelsham Nunnery
Rendelsham House, Wentworth

Second house of first Mayor of Wentworth Rendelsham House was built in 1882, by and for William Gunn, the first Mayor of Wentworth (the second of his houses called Rendelsham). The dwelling is one of the largest and most impressive … More >

What's On
Saturday, June 12, 2021
Wentworth Junction Rally 2020

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