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Saturday, June 12, 2021
Wentworth Junction Rally 2020

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Fishing Licences

Home to both the Murray and Darling Rivers, the Wentworth Shire is the ideal place to fish. Below is some useful information on fishing licences, Aboriginal fishing, restrictions and bag limits.

Fishing Licence

It is a requirement by law that when fishing in NSW waters, a NSW fishing licence be carried at all times. There are a few exemptions to this law which can be found on the dpi website here.

Fishing licences are available for:

  • 3 days ($6)
  • 1 month ($12)
  • 1 year ($30)
  • 3 years ($75)

They may be purchased online or locally at:

Ahh Willandra Houseboats
57 Caravan Park Rd, Buronga (Phone: 03 5024 8481)

Coomealla Fuel
Tapio St, Dareton (Phone: 03 5027 4505)

Gol Gol General Store
30 Adelaide St, Gol Gol (Phone: 30 5024 8481)

5 Darling St, Pooncaire (Phone: 03 5029 5229)

Government Access Centre RTA Wentworth
Shop 9 Lot 1 Sandwych St, Wentworth (Phone: 13 22 13)

Fishers Fuel Wentworth
17 Sandwych St, Wentworth (Phone: 03 5027 2257)

Wentworth Services Angling Club Inc.
Old Renmark Road, Wentworth (Phone: 03 5027 3391)

Clarkes Newsagency
55 Darling St, Wentworth (Phone: 03 5027 3092)

Wentworth Post Office
60 Darling St, Wentworth (Phone: 03 5027 3161)

Jeff & Rocks Hardware
38 Adams St, Wentworth (Phone: 03 5027 3184)

*an additional commission fee may apply at some outlets

Aboriginal Fishing

Fishing has always been an important part of the Aboriginal culture and life on this land. There are specific legislations in place to protect the traditional ways of fishing which can be found here.

Restrictions & Bag Limits

In order to maintain the natural ecosystem in NSW waterways, there are some restrictions as to where, when and what you can fish. Information on recreational fishing can be found in the NSW Freshwater Fishing Guide. In addition, specific information on bag limits are available.

There are some restrictions to where you can fish. For specific details see the Far West Fishing Guide.

What's On
Saturday, June 12, 2021
Wentworth Junction Rally 2020

Wentworth Weather
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