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Wentworth Junction Rally 2020

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Junction Island Nature Reserve, Canoe Tree and Walking Track
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Murray Darling JunctionThe shoal of land between the Darling and Murray Rivers

Junction Island is the shoal of land between the Darling and Murray Rivers. The junction sandbar is where a large number of aborigines, armed with spears and weapons, threatened Captain Sturt as he sailed down the Murray on his expedition to find the inland sea, and here he had arrived at the Darling junction. The confrontation was averted when a group of Aboriginals, who had befriended Captain Sturt the day before, arrived and amicably resolved the stand-off.

Today, you can visit the Island and stand on the footbridge between both the Darling and Murray Rivers or walk to the point where the rivers meet. Imagine that! Standing right in the middle of Australias two greatest rivers-a unique Australian experience not to be missed.

A canoe tree is also located along the trail that leads to the point. Flora, fauna, wildlife and birdlife abound within this island reserve.

To make a canoe, the aborigines would first make an outline of the shape they required with cutting stones or stone tools. Once the shape was mastered, they cut deeply into the tree to the heartwood (or xylem), prying the bark off in one piece with stick or rocks.

Some were made watertight by the addition of clay and grass in any leaky areas.

True canoe trees rarely have the scar extending to the base of the trunk.


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Wentworth Junction Rally 2020

Wentworth Weather
15° C
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